e-KYC and Strong Customer Authentication

With regulations around Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) becoming even tighter, IPGPAY is pleased to partner with iSignthis to offer an e-Know Your Customer (e-KYC) solution to merchants in Asia-Pacific.

iSignthis Ltd provides a combined, fully automated, global…

Fraud is a constant concern to online and physical merchants globally

Recently IPGPAY attended the recent Card Not Present Conference in the USA.

One of the most interesting topics and themes from the conference was around online fraud and the impact of the impending introduction of EMV chips for card present transactions in the USA.


Card Not Present Expo, Orlando Florida

IPGPAY is just back from attending the Card Not Present (CNP) Expo in Orlando, Florida in the United States of America.

Held annually in May, the CNP expo is a fascinating industry gathering and a great opportunity to hear about the latest trends and issues in the world of eCommerce/CNP.

How intelligent transaction routing (BIN routing) saves you money

A cross border transaction takes place when a credit card issued in one country is accepted and settled into a merchant account established in another country. Cross border

What’s the application process for a direct merchant account?

Applying for a direct merchant account can be a little confusing for merchants particularly if they started as a small business processing through someone like PayPal (as some of our smaller merchants have done).

If a merchant applies for a direct account through IPGPAY, they will need to…

Direct merchant or aggregator account?

One of the most confusing areas for merchants new to eCommerce is the distinction between a direct merchant account and an aggregator account.

A direct merchant account is where a merchant has an account directly with an acquirer

Subscription or recurrent billing options for Asia-Pacific

Many businesses across Asia-Pacific, particularly in our key markets of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, are interested in subscription or recurring/recurrent billing. So what are the options in the region?

Firstly lets define the term; subscription or recurring/recurring billing is the…