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Frequently Asked Questions

It typically takes two to six weeks once the required documents are received. Prospective merchants need to provide a range of documentation (e.g. copies of passports) to establish the identity of key officers and shareholders. This process is known as a Know Your Customer check and is required by anti-money- laundering regulations. Merchants will also be asked to provide a range of financial information to establish their credit position. IPGPAY's multilingual team will assist merchants throughout the process.
Without a trading history, it is difficult for a new business to obtain a direct merchant account through a provider like IPGPAY. Aggregators are a great choice for new merchants. But once you have established a trading history, let us know because the IPGPAY solution will be perfect for you.
Yes. Those selling pornography or engaged in illegal or high-risk activities are not suitable. Please contact us to see if your business is suitable for the IPGPAY solution.
IPGPAY is proudly focused exclusively on the Asia-Pacific region and its unique needs. Our multilingual team is based in Hong Kong, our pricing is competitive, our service is personalised and the IPGPAY Gateway is best in breed.