IPGPAY Gateway Integration Options

IPGPAY-Hosted PaymentsIPGPAY-Hosted Payment Page

A seamless start-to-finish shopping experience.

This option is most often used by merchants who lack PCI DSS accreditation. The merchant integrates their shopping cart into a customised version of the IPGPAY-Hosted Payment Page served from the Gateway. The merchant customises the page via the Gateway user interface or, for more advanced customisation, by using cascade style sheets (CSS). The pages render appropriately for all operating systems and devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The IPGPAY-Hosted Payment Page delivers a seamless online shopping experience for the consumer during which the merchant’s branding remains consistent – without the complexity and expense of PCI DSS-compliance.

Merchant-Hosted Payment Page

Merchant-Hosted Payment Page

A smart and safe option using OTT.

This integration option uses a One-Time Token (OTT) and is another option for merchants barred from capturing sensitive card data because they lack PCI DSS accreditation. Our OTT plug-in encrypts and tokenises the customer’s card data, with the merchant only having access to the randomly generated one time use token, not the unencrypted card data. The Merchant-Hosted Payment Page calls a simple JavaScript library that generates the OTT for each transaction.

This integration option is complemented by the powerful Web Services API and Software Development Kits (SDKs) which unlock the Gateway’s full suite of features without the need for PCI DSS-compliance.

Web Services API


Web Services API

Direct and secure information flow between your site and the IPG Gateway.

The Web Services API contains the full suite of IPG Gateway features and services available for use with any IPG integration method. It enables merchants to connect to the Gateway and perform many operations, such as issuing credits, settling/capturing existing orders and retrieving data from a host of reconciliation services.

PCI DSS-compliant merchants can also use the Web Services API to post card and other payment information directly and securely between their website and the IPG Gateway.

Software Development Kits

Software Development Kits

SDKs in various formats available.

The SDKs are small code libraries that simplify use of the Web Services API. They are used to submit requests to the Web Services API and to handle the error/success responses and other interaction between the merchant’s website and the IPG Gateway. Merchants can simply include the libraries in their application or payment page and use the exposed methods to create payments, perform actions such as credits and re-bills, and retrieve reconciliation and reporting data.

The SDKs include how-to documentation and examples to make integration easier and faster, and they’re available in PHP, .NET, Java and JavaScript. SDKs in other languages can be made available on request.

Magento Plug-In

Magento Plug-In

Seamless integration with the popular Magento platform.

The Magento plug-in enables seamless integration of the Magento platform and the IPG Gateway to allow easy customer payments and ongoing order/transaction management within the Magento system.

After entering the customer and shipping details and the customer clicks the “Place Order” button, instead of forwarding you on to an external payment page, our plugin provides a pop-up payment form. IPGPAY gateway will then send a notification to Magento store to confirm the purchase.

The plug-in supports the following functions:

  • Creation of one-off payments
  • Creation of managed recurring transactions (initial sale + recurring)
  • Settling/capturing or cancellation of authorisations from within Magento
  • Cancellation of ongoing recurring transactions from within Magento
  • Crediting/refunding of transactions from within Magento
  • Viewing of order and transaction details from within Magento
  • Displaying of event notifications from the IPG Gateway within Magento
  • Transaction synchronisation between the IPG Gateway and Magento