IPGPAY payment gateway is full-featured and easy to integrate for developers.

IPGPAY Gateway Integration Options

Secure Payment Form API

IPGPAY’s Secure Payment Form Application Programming Interface (API) is most often used by merchants that are not Payment Card Data Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant.  Merchants integrate their shopping cart to their own IPGPAY Secure Payment form(s) which are hosted on the IPGPAY gateway.  The merchant can customise their own payment form(s) using the gateway user interface or utilise Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) for more advanced customisation. Payment forms automatically render appropriately across all device types including mobiles and tablets.

The Secure Payment Form API enables the merchant to offer their customers a seamless online shopping experience keeping their brand consistent throughout the shopping journey without the complexity and expense of being PCI DSS compliant.

One Time Token (OTT)

The One Time Token (OTT) API uses a hosted plug in to the merchant’s website which encrypts and tokenises sensitive card data which cannot be captured and stored by non-PCI DSS compliant merchants.  The OTT API offers merchants the ability to take advantage of all the features and functionality of the powerful Web Services API without the technical and compliance requirements inherent in being PCI DSS compliant.

One of the distinct advantages of the OTT API is that non-PCI DSS merchants, can host their own payment form and include a small Javascript library that takes care of submitting the consumers credit card information and generation of a one time token.  The Merchant then hands the one time token back to the IPGPAY Gateway through to the Web Services API in place of the credit card.The merchant can then take advantage of all of the functionality available in the Web Services API.

Web Services API

IPGPAY’s Web Services API contains a full suite of web services which can be used in conjunction with any of the IPGPAY integration methods.  It enables merchants to connect to the IPGPAY gateway and perform various operations such as issuing credits, settling/capturing existing orders and retrieving data from a host of reconciliation services. For PCI DSS compliant merchants only, the Web Services API can also be used to  post credit card and other payment information directly and securely between the merchant web site and the IPGPAY gateway.

Software Development Kits

The SDK’s are delivered in a zipped format and contain a number of small libraries that help to lower the technical barrier of entry to implement an integration when utilising the powerful feature rich Web Services API. 

The SDK’s provide the basic functionality for submitting requests to the API’s, handling of error /success responses and other interactive activities that take place between the merchants web site and the IPGPAY gateway.  Merchants can simply include the libraries in their application or payment form and use the exposed methods to create payments, perform actions such as credits,  re-bills, retrieve reconciliation and reporting data . The SDK’s are available in popular programming languages and include documentation detailing their usage, and examples to make the integration journey much easier and faster.

The SDK supports all of the  functionality available in the Web Services API.

SDK’s are available in the following programming languages:

Additional SDK’s can be made available upon request and can be delivered within approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

Magento Plugin

The Magento plugin allows seamless integration between the Magento platform and the Payment Gateway to allow easy customer payments, and ongoing order/transaction management within the Magento system. Customers are redirected to a hosted payment form to complete the payment, with notifications sent to Magento from the Payment Gateway.

The plugin supports the following functionality:

The plugin is delivered as a ZIP package for installation in the merchants Magento instance.

The Magento plugin is only available for use with IPGPAY’s Secure Payment Forms.  At present there is no support for the Web Services API.

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