Card Not Present Expo, Orlando Florida

IPGPAY is just back from attending the Card Not Present (CNP) Expo in Orlando, Florida in the United States of America.

Held annually in May, the CNP expo is a fascinating industry gathering and a great opportunity to hear about the latest trends and issues in the world of eCommerce/CNP.

While a largely US centric conference, there was diverse representation from Payment Service Providers, Merchant Service Providers as well as Gateway Providers, fraud management and security companies. Many eCommerce merchants also attended.

Some of the key themes from the conference included:

  • Predictions of a significant spike in online fraud following the imminent introduction of EMV chips in the US market
  • Concerns around the growing prevalence of chargebacks and in particular “friendly fraud”
  • The reshaping and future of mobile payments, in particular, their integration with perceived value added services such as discounts, coupons and rewards
  • The rise of Asia in the consciousness of North America, in particular India and China
  • Challenges and opportunities for cross border commerce
  • The real life experience of merchants, including Microsoft, with accepting Bitcoin and its future as an eCommerce currency
  • The importance of recurrent or subscription payments for specific market verticals
  • The symbiotic relationship between social media and online commerce

​Over the next few months our blog will focus on these themes and others topics explored at the conference.

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