Fraud is a constant concern to online and physical merchants globally

Recently IPGPAY attended the recent Card Not Present Conference in the USA.

One of the most interesting topics and themes from the conference was around online fraud and the impact of the impending introduction of EMV chips for card present transactions in the USA.

The overriding concern of many speakers was that with the introduction of EMV chips for card present transactions there will be a significant increase in online fraud. In theory, EMV will make card present fraud more difficult so the expectation is that at least some, if not a large amount, of card present fraud will move online.

Given 3-D Secure is not widely used in the USA, many of the speakers speculated that if significant fraud does indeed move online then it may help drive increased acceptance of 3-D Secure in the USA.

In Asia Pacific, 3-D Secure and EMV chips are a known and accepted part of life for the consumer and merchant alike so interesting to see another market responding to their introduction.

Note: 3-D Secure are branded by the Card Schemes as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, J/Secure and American Express SafeKey.

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