What should I look for in an on-line payment provider?

Finding the right eCommerce or on-line payment solution provider is a vital ingredient for any successful on-line business.

What should eCommerce merchants look for in their payment provider? From our experience there are a wide range of factors which can be categorised as either hard or soft factors. Hard factors largely relate to the features and functionality of a payment gateway and the soft factors largely relate to service and support.

Hard factors. As mentioned, these largely relate to the payment gateway used by a payment provider. Key factors include:

  • Level 1 PCI DSS certification in order to ensure that your customers sensitive credit card information is safely guarded
  • A diversity of acquiring solutions, for example, China UnionPay and American Express are critical for many merchants in addition to Visa and MasterCard 
  • Local alternative payment methods (APMs) that let allow a merchant to process using preferred payment methods in the countries in which the merchant operates
  • Transaction currencies that enable customers to transaction in their currency of choice
  • Uptime and reliability are fundamental
  • Overall functionality that meets the needs of the merchant, for example, does your payment provider offer recurrent or subscription billing?
  • Customisable payment pages that let you deliver a seamless brand experience
  • Ease of integration including the quality of APIs and documentation
  • A choice of integration options including direct integration for PCI DSS certified merchants

Soft factors:

  • Timely and efficient customer service 
  • Skilled technical support not only during the integration process but also on an ongoing basis
  • A commitment to continuous improvement

The above are just a few of the factors merchants should consider. Our skilled sales team would be happy to discuss your needs as a merchant, contact us at:



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