IPGPAY Limited to Sponsor the Meet Magento Vietnam Conference in Hanoi on the 22nd of August 2015

IPGPAY is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Meet Magento Conference in Hanoi on the 22nd of August.

Carrying on the success of previous events, Meet Magento Vietnam is expected to attract more than 500 attendees in a variety of working areas with the same interest in Magento and eCommerce.  Meet Magento Vietnam dedicates itself to acting as the bridge between successful businesses, thus creating opportunities for long-term contract in order to contribute to the development of eCommerce, especially Magento based, in Asia.

At Meet Magento Vietnam, IPGPAY will be unveiling and demonstrating its newly developed full functionality plug-in for Magento.  The plug-in will allow Magento customers to quickly and easily integrate Magento into the IPGPAY payment gateway.  The unveiling of the plug-in augments IPGPAY’s already comprehensive offering to eCommerce merchants in Asia Pacific.

The plug-in is targeted at existing or potential Magento merchants who are looking for a full-featured and easy to integrate payment gateway, that is also easy to use and implement for both merchants and developer.

Mr. Alan Conder, Executive Director of IPGPAY Limited said, “IPGPAY is proud to be sponsoring Meet Magento in Vietnam.  We believe the conference will provide a valuable opportunity for people around the region with an interest in eCommerce and in the Magento eCommerce solution, in particular to learn and experience the latest in the booking world of online commerce.  At the Conference we will be unveiling our full-featured plug-in to Magento.  Our plug-in is not only rigorously secure, it’s tightly integrated into Magento and the underlying payment flow making managing online payments for Magento’s merchants easy.”

Mr. Hieu Nguyen, Chairman of SmartOSC said, “We aim at building a stronger eCommerce and Magento community not only in Vietnam but also in the whole of Asia.  We hope that Meet Magento Vietnam will be the place where eCommerce merchants, agencies and service providers, including Magento partners, can be gathered to share their experience, to spread new ideas and to have more valuable business opportunities.  It is also a significant forum of idea-sharing and knowledge-giving for all Magento enthusiasts around the world.

Mr. Hieu further said, “ We greatly appreciate IPGPAY’s co-operation with SmartOSC in the very first Meet Magento in Asia.  In doing so, IPGPAY has contributed significantly to the development of the Magento community not only in Vietnam but across Asia”.

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