In No Time In One Platform - Payment Acceptance Made Easy via IPGPAY Paylink

Check out the following showcase on how IPGPAY can help you to create and send payment requests, manage clients’ payments and handle reconciliation.

Case 1:
Yan is celebrating Pete’s birthday and wants to place a quick order from a Michelin accredited cake shop.  Travelling there in person takes too long and she calls the cake shop to place an order.

The shop manager, Joan, takes down all of Yan’s needs and proceeds to process the customer’s order.

1. Joan logs in to her shop’s IPGPAY gateway account and creates the order in just a few steps within the IPGPAY Paylink Generation Page.
2. IPGPAY Paylink Generation Page instantly creates the payment request link which Joan sends Yan through WhatsApp or email as per Yan’s request.
3. Yan receives the link on her phone and she clicks on it, which then pops up the Secure IPGPAY Payment Page.
4. Yan enters the card details into the Secure IPGPAY Payment Page and presses confirm payment.  The payment receipt instantly shows up on Yan’s screen informing her on the successful payment.
5. Both Yan and Joan receive an instant confirmation of the payment by email as a record.
6. Joan receives the funds to the shop’s bank account.

From the paylink generation to post payment reporting, IPGPAYlink streamlines your order handling process in one destination: Generate payment links quickly and easily with just a few steps.

  • Save your products and service items including their pricings for fast creation of IPGPAY Paylinks.
  • User friendly settings such as recurring payments, paylink validity duration, number of use et are available.
  • Match each paylink to your own order numbers.
  • Freely brand the payment form with your logo and customise the styling of the payment form.
  • Efficiently handle payment management (i.e. refunds) and reconciliation via IPGPAY comprehensive reporting and account management dashboard.
  • No IT Set up and system changes are required.




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