IPGPAY releases improved items and customer information functionality


IPGPAY is committed to provide the best payment solution to ease our customers’ experience. As a continuous effort to build on the extensive features already in the current gateway, we are pleased to announce the following new feature on the IPGPAY gateway.

New features of the gateway:

- Customer information can be saved on you V Terminal and orders.

When can I use the new features?

The new features are available immediately.

Will I be charged to use these new features?

No, these new features are available free of charge.

Manage your customers: You can create & edit your saved customers under eCommerce → Customers.

To create a new customer, under eCommerce→Customers, simply click +Add New Customer and fill in your customer’s details OR you can add the customer via your V Terminal or order by clicking the New Customer button.

To edit an customer, under eCommerce→Customers, select the customer and click Update under Action OR via your V Terminal or order via clicking on Edit button next to the customer search field.

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