IPGPAY makes getting paid even easier for merchants with IPGPAYlink

IPGPAY has just launched, IPGPAYlink providing merchants with an easy to use, secure option for receiving payments for goods and services online.

One of the great benefits of IPGPAYlink, particularly for smaller merchants or those merchants exploring taking payments on line, is that with IPGPAY there is no need for a merchant to modify their web site to enable online payments. Nor is there any need to integrate the IPGPAY gateway into a shopping cart system in order to accept online payments. IPGPAYlink is a true out of the box solution for merchants wanting to start accepting payments online in a secure and cost effective way.

So how does IPGPAYlink work?

Using the IPGPAY merchant portal, a merchant can easily create an order or an offer either for a specific customer or a group of customers. The order can be as detailed or as a simple as the merchant wants it to be. Once satisfied with the order, a simple click on one button on the IPGPAY portal will create a unique payment link or URL. This link can then be copied into an email and sent to a customer using the merchants own email system. Upon receipt of the email, the customer needs to only click on the link in order to be presented with the detailed offer from the merchant and the relevant fields into which the customer can securely enter their credit card details. Once the merchant has entered their payment card details, IPGPAY security processes the transaction in real time delivering a response back to the customer once the transaction has been approved. As a no cost option, the IPGPAY gateway can automatically email out customisable receipts to the customer on behalf of the merchant as well as notifications to the merchant of the order and payment status.

Just some of the benefits of IPGPAYlink:

  • No need to build a shopping cart or modify an existing website to enable eCommerce.
  • Payment is totally secure and fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  • Complete flexibility in detailing and presenting the goods and services to be sold.
  • The customer is unable to modify the order once its been generated ensuring the merchant receive the correct payment amount.
  • IPGPAYlink is included at no-additional charge as part of IPGPAY’s standard suite of features.
  • Payment card information is totally secure with the merchant staff having no access to the complete card information.
  • Perfect for sending out once off offers and/or discounts to existing customers or new customers you wish to target and entice to buy.

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