Software Development Kits make integration to the IPGPAY Gateway even easier

IPGPAY is continually working to make integrations to the IPGPAY Gateway even easier. We have just launched a series of Software Development Kits (SDK’s) as part of this program. The SDK’s are delivered in a zipped format and contain a number of small libraries that help to lower the technical barrier of entry to implement an integration when utilising the powerful feature rich Web Services API.

The SDK’s provide the basic functionality for submitting requests to the API’s, handling of error/success responses and other interactive activities that take place between the merchants web site and the IPGPAY gateway.  Merchants can simply include the libraries in their application or payment form and use the exposed methods to create payments, perform actions such as credits,  re-bills, retrieve reconciliation and reporting data. The SDK’s are available in popular programming languages and include documentation detailing their usage, and examples to make the integration journey much easier and faster.

The SDK supports all of the functionality available in the Web Services API.

SDK’s are available in the following programming languages:

  • PHP and .NET
  • Java and JavaScript (due for release mid April 2016)

Additional SDK’s can be made available upon request and can be delivered within approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

For more information: contact us at or see

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