IPGPAY announces a new integration option to the IPGPAY Gateway

IPGPAY is proud to announce the launch of a new integration option for the IPGPAY Gateway. The new One Time Token (OTT) integration option offers IPGPAY’s online merchants a new and even more flexible integration option.

The OTT API uses a hosted plug in to the merchant’s website which encrypts and tokenises sensitive card data which cannot be captured and stored by non-PCI DSS compliant merchants.  The OTT API offers merchants the ability to take advantage of all the features and functionality of IPGPAY’s powerful Web Services API without the technical and compliance requirements inherent in being Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

One of the distinct advantages of the OTT API is that non-PCI DSS merchants, can host their own payment form and include a small JavaScript library that takes care of submitting the consumers credit card information and generation of a one time token.  The Merchant then hands the one time token back to the IPGPAY Gateway through to the Web Services API in place of the credit card.  The merchant can then take advantage of all of the functionality available in the Web Services API.

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