IPGPAY Magento Plugin

The IPGPAY Magento plugin enables merchants a low cost way to integrate a fully featured payment solution into your company branded shopping experience.

This free plugin also provides support for a Pop Up Payment Page that renders correctly across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, and…

IPGPAY announces it is now offering UnionPay to eCommerce merchants in Asia-Pacific


  • IPGPAY is an Asia-Pacific payment gateway provider, headquartered in Hong Kong and offering diverse payment solutions across the region.
  • UnionPay provides  high quality, cost…

What should I look for in an on-line payment provider?

Finding the right eCommerce or on-line payment solution provider is a vital ingredient for any successful on-line business.

What should eCommerce merchants look for in their payment provider? From our experience there are a wide range of factors which can be categorised as either hard…